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‘Turn Me On, Dammit!’ Norway’s tribute to adolescent female horniness.

American teenage-angst films can learn a thing or two from “Turn Me On, Dammit!”, Norway’s answer to the likes of “American Pie” and “Superbad.”  Director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen explores uncharted territory: a coming of age story about teenage sexuality from the female perspective.  Abandoning verbose, snarky dialogue in favor of unpretentious, blunt exclamations of the feral adolescent variety, “Turn Me On, Dammit!” is a dead-pan and bold depiction of female horniness. Helene Bergsholm plays Alma, the sexually charged heroine who feels trapped by the constraints of her boring, provincial town. She and her best friend, Sara (Malin Bjorhovde), ritualistically flip-off the town’s sign on the school bus. In droll voice-overs, Alma describes her life as an un-superlative list of “empties” and “stupids: “empty road, empty yard, stupid trampoline, stupid kids jumping on stupid trampoline.” In the midst of all of this banality shines one beacon of light for Alma: her unrequited love for Artur (Matias Myren). Alma becomes an outcast when word gets out of an arousing but awkward encounter between her and Arthur, and “Turn Me On, Dammit!” authentically depicts the self-loathing and self-empowerment that come to pass as a result of being deemed “abnormal.”